The Klepton Parasites

After a short hiatus, I’ve just put up a new post on my Doctor Who blog, Coronas of the Sun. From now on I’ll be solely concentrating on the William Hartnell era. I’ll pick up the television rewatch soon (with episode four of The Ark) and once that’s done I’ll be diving more fully into the novelisations, original novels, comic strips, annuals, audios and anything else that’s related to the First Doctor.

To that end, I’ve made a start on the TV Comic era of the Hartnell Doctor with his debut strip, The Klepton Parasites ….

Coronas of the Sun


Just under a year after An Unearthly Child aired on British television, the Doctor made his debut as a comic strip character in the pages of TV Comic. These early strips are fascinating for a number of reasons.  They may be simplistic  but they also have a certain charm, although there’s no denying that they bear only a passing resemblance to the television series.

Yes, there’s a white-haired man called the Doctor who flies a spaceship disguised as a police-box through time and space,  but that’s pretty much where the similarity ends, at least in this story.  The strip Doctor is a gung-ho fellow, happy to shoot first (or get others to do the shooting for him) and ask questions later.

Although this first story runs over twenty pages, there’s an economy in the storytelling that’s evident right from the first panel.  A number of flying machines, piloted by the evil Kleptons, are swooping…

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