Counter Plot

Over at Coronas of the Sun I’m currently making my way through The Daleks Master Plan, today I’ve reached episode five – Counter Plot

Coronas of the Sun


Back in the 1990’s I didn’t have a particularly high opinion of The Daleks Masterplan – which wasn’t really surprising as I only had access to the (then) two existing episodes (Counter Plot and Escape Switch) courtesy of Daleks – The Early Years on VHS.

Jumping into the story cold with Counter Plot is a strange experience, since the horror and tension of the previous episode, The Traitors, is completely absent.  Counter Plot resets the story by transmitting the Doctor, Steven and Sara to the jungle planet of Mira.

Oh good, another jungle!  Following Kembel and Desperus we now end up on Mira, which looks spookily similar to the previous jungles.  No surprises for guessing that since this was an extra long story they had to stretch the budget as far as possible – so reusing the same sets was an obvious money-saving move.

The Doctor’s jaunt to Mira is another…

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