Flight Through Eternity

Over at Coronas of the Sun I’m sampling the many delights of The Chase ……..

Coronas of the Sun


The opening scene in the Daleks’ time machine is pretty impressive.  The set (designed by Raymond Cusick) looks substantial and has some groovy 1960’s embellishments – such as the spinning wall designs.  It’s also populated with quite a few Daleks – true, at least one is a cardboard cutout and others are cannibalised from the Peter Cushing movie, but it all helps to create the impression of a decent fighting force.  It’s therefore a pity that one of the Daleks is rather hesitant (“umm err”) which rather destroys the illusion.  This wasn’t scripted but seems to have been a gag dropped in during rehearsals.  It’s another moment that chips away at the invulnerability of the Daleks, although there’s worse to come ….

The TARDIS next drops our intrepid time-travellers off at the top of the Empire State Building.  This is the cue for a number of interesting American accents.  The…

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