I’ve just created a new blog – Coronas of the Sun – in order to document my latest rewatch of Doctor Who. Which will begin with An Unearthly Child from November the 23rd (seems like an apt date).

Coronas of the Sun

100,000 bc

The first time I watched Doctor Who in sequential order would have been around the mid 1990’s.  By that time I’d been able to acquire all of the existing episodes in various formats (official VHS releases, pirate videos, UK Gold off airs) so it seemed logical to travel from An Unearthly Child to Survival.

What I didn’t have though, was access to audios of the missing episodes – so the Hartnell and Troughton years were somewhat curtailed.  This was a mixed blessing – I’ve never thought that The Ice Warriors  suffers from losing two episodes as it’s something of a plod, whilst the heart of The Reign of Terror is contained within the episodes that no longer exist – but in order to get the full picture you do need to sample these ninety seven episodes somehow.

This does seem to be a stumbling block for many people…

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