Grange Hill. Series One – Episode Two

grange hill s01e02

Written by Phil Redmond. Tx 15th February 1978

Mr Foster is something of a monster. There’s a slight resemblance to Mr Baxter (who is introduced in series two) but whilst Baxter could be hard and uncompromising, he also had a kindly side. There’s no kind side to Foster though (the amount of physical abuse he inflicts on the children is disturbing as well) . And as a games master, he’s strict and unrelenting – every pupil must have precisely the correct kit or they don’t take part in the lesson.

This brings him into conflict with Benny, who can’t afford to buy either a school uniform or a games kit. It’s a particular problem since Benny wants to take part in the football trials, but Mr Foster won’t let him. His new friend Tucker comes to the rescue though, “borrowing” Justin’s sports top (I do like the way that Tucker never offers him his own though!)

This still leaves the question of football boots. It’s nice that Mr Mitchell brings up the question in class and asks everybody if they have any suggestions as it helps to build a feeling of community. Ann Wilson (Lucinda Duckett) offers him her hockey boots – they’re not quite the same as football boots, but they’re better than nothing.

Eventually we see Mr Foster turn a blind eye to the hockey boots and allow Benny to take part, but it clearly doesn’t reflect well on him. Mr Mitchell’s already told him that Green is a talented footballer and everything we’ve seen so far would suggest he’d be an asset to the school-team. The fact that Mr Foster would be prepared to deny him a trial because he doesn’t have the right kit is rather petty-minded (you know that Mr Baxter would place ability over clothes any day).

Making brief appearances in this one are Perry Benson (later to become a familiar television face) and Brenda Cavendish as the games mistress. As a fan of Public Eye, it’s always nice to see Brenda Cavendish pop up in any other series.


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